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Bricomarché grows in France by 1.6 per cent

The French trading group Les Mousquetaires made sales of EUR 2.58 bn last year with its DIY sales channels Bricomarché and Brico Cash.

On its home market of France, Bricomarché grew by 1.6 per cent, 3.1 per cent in Portugal and 14.2 per cent in Poland. The increase turned out much stronger for Brico Cash in France at 20.4 per cent. However, this chain is relatively small: the number of locations increased from 23 in 2016 to 28.

In comparison: at the end of 2017, Bricomarché had 479 locations in France (one less than the previous year), in Portugal 37 (up 2) and in Poland 148 (up 13). Since the start of the year, the DIY store chain Bricorama also belongs to Les Mousquetaires.


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