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This public area provides general market news on regions or sections such as automotive, construction, consumer or the industrial market. Also, you can find here the latest developments in European hand tool related markets, such as inflation, employment or production figures. Also, you will find information on the European DIY market. To find out about the specifics and have access to all statistics and documents, please visit our Members Area.

Impact of COVID-19 crisis on the EU trade with China

The EU’s seasonally adjusted trade (imports + exports) with China fell from €46.5 billion in January 2020 to €43.1 billion in February 2020.

Digital Economy and Society Index 2020

On 11 June, the Commission released the results of its 2020 Digital Economy and Society Index (DESI), which monitors Europe’s overall digital performance and tracks the progress of EU countries with respect to their digital competitiveness.

Internal and External Schengen Area Borders – June 2020 update

On 11 June, the Commission presented a set of recommendations to Schengen Member States and Schengen Associated States to lift internal border controls by 15 June and to prolong the temporary restriction on non-essential travel into the EU until 30 June.

Industrial production April 2020

Eurostat, the EU’s statistical office, has published a report indicating that, compared to March, Industrial production in April is down by 17.1% in the euro area and 17.3% in the EU, and by 28.0% and 27.2% compared with April 2019.

Europe’s technology industries hit hard by coronavirus

Manufacturing in the Euro-area experienced a substantial deterioration in its business cycle as the impact of COVID-19 hit both the demand and supply sides of the technology industry. In the industries represented by our lobbying partner Orgalim – a substantial

DIY: Jem & Fix opens three new stores despite Covid-19

The Danish chain Jem & Fix has opened three new stores in May despite restrictions caused by Covid-19.

DIY: Hornbach expects significantly higher sales

The German Hornbach group expects significantly higher sales and earnings in the first quarter of its financial year 2020/2021 (1 March to 31 May 2020).

DIY store study 2020: Globus Baumarkt once again at the front in Germany

In terms of DIY store image from the customers’ point of view, the DIY store operators of Globus Baumarkt Germany are once again right at the front.

New European Research Area “ERA corona platform”

The European Commission launched a new European Research Area.

Covid-19: European Investment Bank – May update

On 15 May, the European Investment Bank approved a total of €3.4 billion of new financing to support companies most affected by the COVID-19 pandemic and priority public health projects, alongside energy, transport, water and education projects.


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