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This public area provides general market news on regions or sections such as automotive, construction, consumer or the industrial market. Also, you can find here the latest developments in European hand tool related markets, such as inflation, employment or production figures. Also, you will find information on the European DIY market. To find out about the specifics and have access to all statistics and documents, please visit our Members Area.

DIY: Bricofer of Italy acquires Bricorama’s Spanish stores

The Italian DIY store operator Bricofer is taking over the Bricorama stores in Spain. The news was reported by the industry service Ferretería y Bricolaje and is based on internal information communicated to Bricorama employees.

DIY: Mr. Bricolage concentrates on its function as headquarters

The French franchise group Mr. Bricolage wants to accelerate its strategic plan under the title of Rebond (“rebound”).

Kingfisher announces exit from Russia, Portugal and Spain

The top-down, global transformation at DIY retail group Kingfisher announced that the business is pulling operations in Russia, Portugal and Spain.

BREXIT: The finalised Withdrawal Agreement

The official draft Agreement on the withdrawal of the UK from the EU was released last week.   Read the Withdrawal Agreement here. The provisions regarding IP rights are covered under Title IV (Articles 54 to 61).   Source: European

Quarterly Report on the Euro Area, Volume 17 No. 3 (2018)

Over the past two years, the euro area has benefitted from a broad-based economic expansion.

IPR enforcement: Collection of evidence

Gathering evidence is an essential part of the enforcement process and IP owners must be aware of the different methods available and how the applicable laws assist them in this matter.

German DIY stores only just over previous year in third quarter

The DIY store trade in Germany has only just maintained its total gross sales in the third quarter.

Continued high growth expected in Spain and Portugal

DIY store sales in Spain will grow this year by 5.6 per cent.

Sears, the Original Everything Store, Files for Bankruptcy

Sears, which more than a century ago pioneered the strategy of selling everything to everyone, filed for bankruptcy protection and laid out a plan for turning its business around. The company long ago gave up its mantle as a retail

Screwfix to exit Germany

Kingfisher is closing its 19 German Screwfix branches and thus relinquishing its plans for growth in Germany for the time being, according to the German online reporting service, which quotes information from the sector.

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