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Digitization: Würth mobile smart order solution

Würth is a global leader in fastening and assembly materials offering more than 125,000 products – from screws, screw accessories and tools, to chemical products. The effort required by Würth’s customers to manually capture product orders and submit them via fax, email or by phone is very time-consuming, costly and prone to error. To simplify this process, a scanner solution called ORSY® ‘order with a system’ was developed in cooperation with Würth, designed to improve the manual process of capturing product data. This makes the ordering process faster, more efficient and increases visibility throughout the entire supply chain – from the customer order to product delivery.


The Smart Order Solution doesn’t require special software or any additional drivers for the application, so an IT department doesn’t need to spend time on software integration, adding drivers, downloading updates or training. The middleware EMMWare Scout that connects and communicates with ordering systems is already included in the mobile barcode/RFID scanners. This application will run automatically and send data to the e-commerce site, then open the filled shopping cart with the web browser.

Scanning can be performed either from a catalogue, directly at the product itself or at the warehouse shelf. By pushing only one button, the barcode will be scanned and the product is added to the ordering cart. After all the desired products have been detected, the scanner connects via USB to any Windows-based computer with an internet connection. In just a few seconds the data is 100% correctly transferred to the user’s e-commerce system shopping card. The user can see and verify all items scanned before clicking the ‘order’ button to place the order. This complete process is done in less than one minute with limited potential for errors. If desired, ordering information can be communicated via email instead of e-commerce systems.


This best practice article explains about the process and advantages of the mobile smart order solution.


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