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DIY globally weak in omni-channel terms but is catching up

The do-it-yourself and home improvement category is still one of the least developed product groups for omni-channel sales in the world. This is the conclusion of the corporate consultants PwC in the “2017 Global Omni Channel Index”. The category is seventh place in the ranking of nine industries with an index value of 32 (out of 100) points. In comparison: media products, the frontrunner, achieved 43 points.


The study established that the trading companies in this segment are making progress in terms of omni-channel selling, particularly in the USA and Europe. In total however, it states that still only four per cent of the entire DIY market which is valued at USD 447 bn is made online.

The furthest in this respect, according to the study, is Canada with an index value of 39. The USA and Great Britain follow at almost the same level.


Source: DIY International,

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