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DIY: Hornbach plus 24 per cent at home, 13 per cent abroad

The German Hornbach group has started financial year 2020/21 with a significant increase in sales and profit. In its quarterly report, the company once again confirmed the figures already reported on 10 June.

Despite temporary sales restrictions due to the coronavirus crisis, sales by the 160 Hornbach stores and the online shops rose in the nine countries by 18.4 per cent to EUR 1.4921 bn, like-for-like sales net of currency effects by 17.5 per cent.


In particular in Germany, where DIY stores were allowed to open during the coronavirus crisis in initially 12 of the 16 states and later everywhere, sales went up enormously. Here there was an increase of 23.6 per cent to EUR 808.4 bn. Like-for-like sales in Germany grew by 24.4 per cent. In the eight countries outside Germany in which Hornbach is active, sales increased by 12.7 per cent to EUR 683.7 mio. The foreign portion of sales by Hornbach Baumarkt AG is reduced by the strong growth at home from 48.1 to 45.8 per cent. Like-for-like sales net of currency effects gained in the rest of Europe by 10.3 per cent.


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