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DIY: Jem & Fix opens three new stores despite Covid-19

The Danish chain Jem & Fix has opened three new stores in May despite restrictions caused by Covid-19. The number of Jem & Fix stores will increase to 122 outlets.

For the Danish building centre operator Johannes Fog, the corona crisis hasn’t yet left its mark on the balance sheets in the first quarter. “However, it is to be expected that we will be affected by the Covid‐19 outbreak – both in terms of customers, employees and finances,” says CEO Carsten Ludvig.


In the corona crisis, the trade association The Danish Building Centre has also spoken out and emphasised the importance of the industry. “At a time when the private sector is struggling to keep the business afloat and production going, it is important that from the political side you do not stop the part of the business that can continue to work and produce,” says Palle Thomsen, CEO of the association.


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