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DIY: Mr. Bricolage stores make 4.8 per cent less sales

The French DIY store group Mr. Bricolage made 4.8 per cent less last year than in 2016. That was 1.3 per cent less on a comparable area.

Total sales of the 755 stores (322 under the Mr. Bricolage brand, 103 under Les Briconautes, 262 under other respective independent operator brands) amounted to EUR 2.0391 bn. Of this, EUR 1.7895 bn was attributed to the home market of France with its 687 stores; the deficit here was 5.3 per cent, like-for-like 1.4 per cent.

The 68 locations abroad increased their sales by 2.0 per cent (like-for-like: 2.2 percent) to EUR 240.4 mio. The strongest foreign market is Belgium; there was growth of 4.3 per cent here. In Bulgaria, the second largest foreign market, a plus of 1.9 per cent was achieved. Online sales declined by 45.4 per cent to EUR 9.2 mio.


The background of this negative development is the Rebond plan which was started 16 months ago. On the basis of this, 15 stores which the headquarters managed themselves were closed and six were handed over to members of the Mr. Bricolage group. Also, assortments were adjusted to products with lower rotation in their own stores.


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