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DIY: Nine per cent of millennials only buy DIY products online

Nearly one in ten millennials in Europe (nine per cent) buys products in the furnishings/DIY articles/garden category on the Internet.


In the population as a whole, the proportion is six per cent. 41 per cent in total buy such products both in store and online, while 53 per cent only purchase in store. The vendor appears to be equally important to everyone, with 65 per cent of both the overall population and millennials finding this “essential” or “important”.


These are the results of the Consumer Barometer 2018 by Consors Finanz. The survey focuses on the purchasing habits and desires of the so-called millennials and digital natives, thus the 18- to 35-year-olds in Europe. For 57 per cent of these, shopping is a real pleasure, with 78 per cent happy to shop on the Internet. Often they only order certain products online, however, such as books or music. 82 per cent like to see and touch the product before purchasing, while 79 per cent want to be able to try it out. Shopping trips in the real world thus still feature high on the agenda, conclude the authors of the study.


Source: DIY International,

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