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DIY: The Russian market finds its way back to growth

The Russian DIY market rose last year by 1.8 per cent to a volume of RUB 1 400 bn (around EUR 20 bn). The industry was used to high growth rates in earlier years, however there have been dramatic slumps recently. In 2017 too, a downturn was also recorded in the first half of the year. Only after this was there a rise again for the first time since 2015, thanks to the growing purchase power.


According to estimations by market research company Infoline, 2017 was primarily characterised by continuing market consolidation and weakening of the positions of regional chains by the industry giants’ aggressive price and marketing politics.

In addition there is also the rise of online and multi-channel purchases. Online purchases in the industry grew in 2017 by 40 per cent to a level of around RUB 95 bn (EUR 1.36 bn). A total of eight million online orders were placed and processed.


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