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Europe’s technology industries hit hard by coronavirus

Manufacturing in the Euro-area experienced a substantial deterioration in its business cycle as the impact of COVID-19 hit both the demand and supply sides of the technology industry.

In the industries represented by our lobbying partner Orgalim – a substantial part of Europe’s total industry – the reduction in output was unprecedentedly strong, overtaking that experienced during the financial crisis of 2008-2009. 

As hard data will only be available at the earliest in the second half of 2020, the below analysis is based on business sentiment indicators. That being said, reports from Orgalim’s national member associations show a consistent picture of the significant impact of the crisis, with slight deviations in numbers.

Orgalim’s economists compile and analyse the latest data and forecasts of the technology industries twice a year. Specifically, the economic trends of metal products, mechanical engineering and electrical engineering, electronics, ICT and instruments, as well as the sector installation and repair services are analysed.

Read below the new economical report, highlighting the impacts of COVID-19 and the unprecedented steep decline it has caused for Europe’s technology industries.


Further information:

Report on impacts of Covid-19

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