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France: “Triman” product label in force

Besides the Green Dot and the “crossed-out garbage can”, the Triman Logo is probably the most important recycling symbol in e-commerce.

In February last year, a new law on recycling management (Loi AGEC) was passed in France, which, among other things, provides for changes to the labeling requirement for household packaging in France with the aim of improving waste separation in France. One of these changes, namely sanctions for labels, which can lead to confusion in the separation of waste, has now been implemented.

The obligation to mark products with the symbol are now implemented in the French environment law (Code de l’environnement Art. L541-9-3) and will enter into force as from 1 January 2022. From that date onwards, electronic goods or their packaging will also have to be marked with the symbol, along with the crossed-out-garbage-bin.

From April 1, 2021, the historical “Green Dot” label will gradually disappear from all packaging in France. A penalty payment of 100% of the license fee will apply for packaging that continues to be marked with the “Green Dot”. There is a transition period of 18 months from April 1, 2021 for packaging manufactured or imported before this date. There is an exception for packaging that is also placed on the market in Spain or Cyprus, EU member states in which the application of the green dot is legally mandatory. This packaging is exempt from the surcharge until January 1, 2022. From January 1, 2022, there is a transition period of 12 months for this packaging.

All in all, one can say that the Triman Logo is mandatory on all (household-) packaging, textiles and shoes, furniture, tires, and paper products. At least, when they are recyclable and meant to end up in household-waste. From 1 January 2022, the Triman regulations also apply to electronic goods, batteries and similar.


From January 2022 the Triman Logo must be directly on product or packaging.

A display on the website or product page is no longer sufficient – you need to display the symbol (including recycling information) directly on your products or packaging. However, printing the logo on manuals or documents that come with your products is also possible.

The French Recycling Management Act (Loi AGEC) also provides for uniform waste separation instructions for packaging and products that are subject to extended manufacturer responsibility from January 1, 2022. The new waste separation instruction should be attached in connection with the Triman. This schedule can change depending on the date of publication of the relevant regulation, as the European Union has initiated a notification procedure (Notification 2020/410 / F).


Further information:

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