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Home Improvement Monitor 2018

It’s got to be more aesthetic and more comfortable: these are the main reasons why European consumers take up a home improvement project. In the European Home Improvement Monitor by USP Marketing Consultancy they were stated most by interviewees at 30 and 25 per cent respectively.



However there are differences from country to country. For example the Swedes and Danes state maintenance as most important motive at 28 per cent each (the European average is 23 per cent). The reason for this is apparently the fact that wood is more often used in construction there and, due to the climate, wood needs to be treated more often.



When asked what prevents them from starting a project, consumers first and foremost mention a limited budget; this reason is stated at 23 per cent. A long way behind is the lack of time (8 per cent) and the problem of finding a good tradesman (7 per cent).


Source: DIY International

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