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Large fall in EU Foreign Direct Investment flows in 2017

According to the 2017 preliminary results, Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) flows from the European Union (EU) towards areas outside the EU stood at €120bn, a sharp drop of almost 52.2% compared to 2016 (€250 bn).



At the same time, investment flows into the EU were negligible, almost ten times lower than the year before (€37bn in 2017, against €340bn in 2016).


Key facts:

  • Large drop in extra-EU FDI flows outside of the EU (-52.2% for outflows, -89.2% for inflows) in 2017, for the second year running
  • Fall linked, in particular, to net disinvestments of US companies on the EU market (€-274bn) and, similarly, net disinvestments of EU enterprises on the US market (€-67bn)
  • FDI relationship with Switzerland strengthened overall in 2017 (€90bn of inflows, €61bn of outflows according to EU first reports)


Further information:

EU Foreign Direct Investment flows in 2017


Source: Eurostat,

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