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Soon 50 DIY stores with over 15 000 m² retail area in Germany

The latest assessment by the DIY editorial staff indicates that there were 49 builders’ merchants and DIY stores in Germany with a retail area exceeding 15 000 m² at the end of 2016.


The field is dominated in this regard by Bauhaus, which operates the majority of these superstores with 31 outlets.Trailing behind in second spot with just six outlets is Obi, followed by Hornbach with five stores in third place. Globus Baumarkt has four such stores, Hagebau/Floraland has two and Baywa Bau- und Gartenmarkt has one store in the size class exceeding 15 000 m².


German DIY store operators also have 44 outlets abroad with a retail area of over 15 000 m², concentrated in the countries of Sweden, Czechia and Romania.


Source: DIY International,

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