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Statement on EU exit and recovery strategy

Our lobbying partner Orgalim has published a statement on the EU Covid-10 exit strategy, calling on Europe’s leaders to prioritise helping our industries, of which 90% are SMEs, to survive these challenging times and regain their financial vigour. 

Orgalim welcomes the focus of the EU institutions and the Member States on adopting the measures required to support Europe’s economy in overcoming the COVID-19 crisis. These measures will include the short-term steps to allow industry to transition out of the current lock-down situation, as well as the longer-term strategy to kickstart a strong and sustained recovery for our industries. The two parts are clearly intertwined and need to be developed in tandem, so this statement looks at both. 

The twin objectives of the digital and climate transition should provide the anchors for the EU’s exit and recovery strategy. If the right choices are made now, this crisis can provide an opportunity to accelerate Europe’s transformation and reinforce its global competitive position. Europe’s technology industries are fully mobilised in support of this ambition.

Read the full statement here.

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