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Study: DIY remains popular in Europe

Since the start of the coronavirus pandemic, DIY is more popular than ever.

According to studies by USP Marketing Consultancy, consumers still want to carry out more renovation work than before the outbreak of the pandemic. Thus, the boom in DIY is expected to last at least three more months.


In recent months, most people have been spending more time at home. For around 20 per cent of households, this also led to them carrying out more DIY work than before the start of the pandemic. This is reflected in the positive sales development of the DIY stores in the whole of Europe, even with more than 30 per cent growth in some countries. In the USP study, consumers were asked if they expect to carry out more DIY work in their homes than usual in the next three months. On average, 17 per cent of households stated they will be doing this, however 15 per cent plan to do less. 68 per cent of participants announced they would be carrying out just as much DIY work in the future as usual. Most projects of this kind are being planned by citizens in Austria, Belgium, Denmark and Germany.


Consumers feel less at ease when visiting a DIY store

While the number of COVID-19 cases continues to rise in some regions, the fear of visiting DIY stores is also slightly increasing. However the majority of those questioned still had no problem with shopping there. Of the European consumers, 58 per cent felt good about continuing to visit DIY stores, compared to 61 per cent in the previous month

The European Home Improvement Monitor study is carried out every month in 11 EU countries, 26 400 consumers are questioned online every year.


Source: DIY International

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