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Swiss DIY stores achieve an increase of 0.5 per cent

Companies in the DIY trade in Switzerland made total gross sales of CHF 2.33 bn in financial year 2017. That is a growth of 0.5 per cent compared to the previous year. These market figures were announced by GfK consumer research association BHB.

DIY stores achieved the highest total annual sales with garden ranges (CHF 535.7 mio), with tools/machines (CHF 190.7 mio), wall/flooring assortments (coating materials, floor coverings, painting accessories, wall coverings: CHF 189.0 mio) as well as construction elements/construction chemicals/construction material (CHF 172.6 mio) and sanitary ware (CHF 134.2 mio).


When looking at the product range development compared with the previous year, solid sales growth can be seen in 2017 in household goods (+6.9 per cent), furniture (+3.7 per cent), construction elements/construction chemicals/construction material (+ 2.8 per cent) and in the garden range (+2.5 per cent). The industry had to accept significant declines in sales in the assortments seasonal products/merchandising (-4.8 per cent), lighting (-4.3 per cent) and electrical (-2.6 per cent).


Source: DIY International,

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